Beware of Digitex Futures ICO SCAM!

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

Why scam?

  • Domain registered for only 1 year (They probably will delete website after ICO).
  • 30% referral gains (Over exaggerated referral gains for get the funds as soon possible and run).
  • Rude team (Basically they´re laughing and insulting future investors in Telegram, scammers don´t care about people).
  • No github.
  • No prototype and nothing, just few pics.
  • They don´t want to ask questions that aren´t in the whitepaper.

Probably they will sell all in the first minutes and they will run with 7 Million $.

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I just checked all your posts, well have a cent for my comment, but you talk nothing but BS, and advertise even more BS.
All your coins that should be on the Moon now, are falling apart, and ICOs you advertise are among the worst!
I hope Digitex will be alright, and I'm gonna put some money in it, let's wait and see ;) !!


I recommended:
Monetha when it was 5 cents and still recommending, still very cheap!
Upfiring when it was at 4 cents, now $1,35
Centra when it was at 40 cents, reached $4
Bitquence ICO recommended at 5 cents, now Bitquence is called Ethos and reached $10
BNB recommended at $2 now it´s $20
And the new ICO´s that I recommended this week will go crazy up, just wait and see ;)

thank's for this post your post is full pack of knowledge

thanks for the post....this will save many people...

Thanks for the valuable update.

great content! and thanks again for following!

Guys what ya think about it? Real scam?


Sold out in 22min, probably


Probably not :) given that we are still here.

well at least u are right will all sell in 1st minute.. we'll see how this will go


The main issue with Digitex is that you cannot sell your tokens. Digitex is not an exchange and if you read the whitepaper you will learn that they have no intention of going to an exchange with their tokens.
There is a good YouTube video about this issue.
Digitex is like a casino, they want you to spend and loose your Digitex tokens while trading on their platform. But in the rare case you make profit, you are paid in Digitex tokens, but unlike in a casino there is no place for cashing out.
This is the real scam behind Digitex.


O boy, did you read the wp, or saw anything on telegram, plan for external exchange is q2, and platform will start q3 with internal exchange... People asked those questions on telegram every min :)...


You can buy and sell DGTX tokens on exchanges right now ( 'Cashing out' is easy. But unlike other exchanges, there will be no deposit or withdrawal fees (just mining fees that do not go to us), and no taker or maker fees. So your profits are your profits.
It's also important to realise that the Digitex Futures Exchange is a futures exchange. The whole point of this is that you can trade futures prices without needing to own the commodity itself.

You never read the website where it explained in detail our timeline. Q2 and Q3 were always going to be dedicated to getting the token listed on other exchanges.

Buying​ ​and​ ​Selling​ ​DGTX​ ​Tokens
A highly liquid market in DGTX tokens is essential to the success of the Digitex Futures
Exchange. Buying and selling DGTX tokens must be free, quick, easy and as frictionless as
possible. Traders must be able to instantly convert a wide range of crypto-currencies into
DGTX tokens and back again with little to no spread and with zero transaction fees. Many
traders will be happy to buy and hold DGTX tokens long term, but many other traders will buy
DGTX tokens only when needed and then convert them back into ETH or BTC as soon as they
close their positions

is it really scam if you check latest updates from founder of digitex incl. videos?

I registered with DIgitex and the offer was to be 1000 free DGTX token on sign up and 1000 for each referral. I happen to get about 20 referrals which they sent me an email in recognition of that. But, I was surprised when the tokens are to be delivered they said I earned only 1000 free tokens, which I don't know where to access them. They gave me options of either accepting the 100-0 DGTX tokens or get the equivalent in $10 worth of Ethereum transferred to my Eth wallet, which I opted for the second option. Then what happened to the referral bonuses?


The refer-a-friend offer depended on your referrals claiming their tokens during the ICO period. If they didn't claim, then we couldn't verify that they were genuine emails, and didn't have their eth address. Everyone whose referrals claimed received tokens for those referrals.

I'm so glad to be able to say that everything that was said in this defamatory post is wrong. Here we are in August, 8 months after the ICO, and our product is still on course to launch in Q4 2018. So, to address the points made above:
• The domain was always registered for 5 years.
• The referral rates were very high, but this drove demand for the token. We sold out in 17 minutes.
• The Telegram team had a low tolerance for people spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt, so it's no wonder that zeroshiki would have been kicked out of the group when he's claiming it's a scam.
• Why would we have a Github account when we are using BitBucket? But, we posted the SOL contracts on Github. And why do you think that we'd have our code sitting out there on the web for all to see?
• There were prototypes, but once we had the funding we hired an excellent team that has re-written everything to meet our standards.
• As long as questions are asked in a polite manner, they are answered.

We're still here, you can check out the progress on our, and join the chat in telegram ( or Check our website ( for more.