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RE: Anti-FUD: Why Your Cryptocurrency Hodling Is Going To Explode!!!

It does seem that when the dip comes, we should be buying it. But, when everyone is wondering if it will go lower, or if it will rise at all, it is the educated that actually buy these dips.

For me, the slower and steadier it goes up, if you get in at this bottom, the higher and stabler it can get.

It is always great to get the words of encouragement from gurus like you though to soothe us through these corrections. Thanks!


It is indeed impossible for most of us, to buy the deepest dip. That's why, even in bearish markets, you should spread your purchases! Keeping some dry powder at hand, for if a deeper dip comes by! And even if you buy it on the way up, you still would have made a great purchase!

Absolutely agreed. It is SO hard to keep some fiat on exchanges when things dip but I do that. Seems I get in low but not the bottom. Hurts immediately but you forget about it when things reverse back up.

I just wish I had extra money to invest into my crypto fund right now!

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