Learning to Keep Crypto as Hobby!

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago

Probably the hardest thing to do as someone who trades cryptocurrency is simply pay way too much attention to it. I can remember countless times I stared at my Blockfolio app all day on my Android phone. In fact, crypto is "addictive", makes you stare at charts and prices all day. By month 3 of my trading, I was so hooked on crypto and couldn't refresh fast enough on my Blockfolio, I would literally be glued to my phone all day. Whether I was eating pancakes at the local diner or watching my daughter take golf lessons, my eyes were on my coins.

In a way, crypto can drive you a bit crazy and make you so damn involved in FOMO or panic parties. It can make you rich or poor. But one day I told myself I won't get too crazy about it. Learning to keep crypto as hobby I think is a great way to keep crypto in your life but not make it your purpose.

However if you do enjoy it, that is awesome as you are the 1% of the world that understands digital currency and what it is bringing to the future. Future of internet, money, freedom will come with bitcoin's blockchain technology.

Take it easy and keep crypto as fun hobby, it will make it more fun and you will make more money too.


Great to see you back on Steemit and making YouTube videos again Max! Please keep the content coming! Yeah, I think looking at crypto too much makes it very hard not to FOMO or chase coins, which, I agree with you, is the worst thing you can do. It's really important to keep a cool head in this game!

Glad to see you're back on steemit @zedomax.

Hoping to see more posts from you in the future.

Best thing i did was delete Blockfolio app #hodl !

It worked well to give me an idea of what I had acquired, but I stopped using it as well as it becomes too much work to keep updated.

Good Advice @zedomax nice to see you on Steemit!