What is ChainCoin(CHC) and Why Should I Invest? Crypto Research #1

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What is It?

ChainCoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency like Dash that rewards users who hold the currency and confirm transactions through masternodes. ChainCoin wants to be a viable alternative to centralized banks, it aims to create a completely decentralized ecosystem by “chaining” blockchains together and providing a decentralized wallet exchange.


Why is It Different?

ChainCoin isn’t all that different from other proof of stake currency’s. Its concept is something that is familiar to the crypto ecosystem, but what sets it apart is its low masternode coin amount. At just 1000 CHC you can become a ChainCoin masternode and make dividends from those coins daily. Below are the income amounts from the chaincoin website for a masternode as of today.


What Has It Done Recently?

ChainCoin recently took a big jump to over $6 around the middle of July due to uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market centered around the Bitcoin fork that happened August 1st. The price has fallen from that $6 all the way down to $0.24, and today is sitting above $0.30. In my opinion a great buy for anyone looking to get into masternodes.


Exchanges It's Available On


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Love ChainCoin and the community that's grown around it! One fact from your article is wrong though - CHC is proof of work, not PoS, in pretty sure.

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