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RE: Is cryptocurrency an opportunity or a threat for IMF?

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Thank you for this great article. Was definitely helpful.
IMF has to think for the future as their whole purpose is to help keep economic stability by feeding cash to countries that are not doing well and charge them high interests on thise loans. Their advisory helps generally consist of recommendations as “opening up the country economy to the outside world, reduce assets owned by the state, privatization and stop producing if it’s economically viable. They think the global economy as a whole, fix the problems for the better of the whole, not the individual. It is kind of like the “Iron Bank” in bank of Game of Thrones. Works at the side of the strongest and make decisions based on math.

And now, they accept the fact Blockchain “will” happen and they won’t be able to stop it. So let’s make it work with the “system” and control somehow and make use of the best parts. I think they will fail though!

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