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What is important for modern man? I can assume that it is important for him that personal information about him remained known only to a small number of persons. Each of us never announces unnecessarily its passport data, let alone information on its credit cards.

But if one wants to save something, then the other will always want to get it to himself - the law of life.

At the same time, the goals pursued by the attackers are completely different. Some collect innocuous statistics on general data: sex, age, city residence, marital status. Others are looking for more intimate information, which many would not like to publicize: illness, kinship, involvement in criminal life. If for some people the theft of this kind of information leaves no imprint, then someone will be able to spoil the rest of his/her life.

But do not forget the moment that many entrepreneurs need to receive certain information. Have you ever been telephoned to answer a few questions about the product in order to collect statistical data? Most often the reaction to such a call is negative, the operator receives an insulting answer in response to a request. The only way out is to get information illegally, namely to buy stolen databases. These data are not used for mercenary purposes, the main task is to improve the product, optimize the negative aspects of work.

But how to find a compromise between the two sides?

If some will decide for themselves what they are willing to tell about themselves and how much, and others will be willing to pay them for it in order to get first-hand information, then only the balance will not be violated. The PDATA project will be the Egyptian god Osiris, who will be able to balance the problems of each side on the scales and create a unified ecosystem.

The project is based on the experience of the company Opiria, which has long been engaged in the monetization of personal information on the Internet. In a collaboration with PDATA, they create a decentralized platform. The ecosystem is supported by modern blockchain technology, which will ensure the transparency of the procedure for buying / selling personal information.

Will information be known to everyone?

The answer is "no". If you publish any information, you assign a level of access to it. Do not worry about the anonymity of work inside the ecosystem, if you don't want to be known, this will not happen. Blockchain records every operation, therefore, all data movements can be easily tracked. The user knows exactly who purchased information about him and how much.

Will I buy true information?

All information received from users is trustworthy. And its cost price becomes lower due to the absence of third parties at all stages of the transaction. In fact, the customer buys information directly from the user of the ecosystem.


What kind of reward is waiting for me?

All payments are made in the local currency of the PDATA project. Payment is not fixed, the amount of compensation directly depends on the information itself, its volume and the degree of confidentiality. By posting information about yourself, the user should not worry about a theft. No broker will reach it and will not be able to resell it, bypassing the platform.Such a system will simplify the interaction between the two groups of individuals. Decentralization facilitates a fast and high-quality method of data collection.

The scheme of work is simple and transparent. Direct interaction and incentive system will be able to attract a large number of people on the platform who is ready to receive passive income from a previously unused area. PDATA will occupy its niche, since those interested in the project are more than we can imagine. Today, no business that wants to get a decent development in its field can not do without interaction with a potential client. And the platform will ensure this interaction at a high level.


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PDATA project, another potential winner for those who wish to sell their own personal data easily.

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The Opiria platform project team gives chance for both sides (consumers and companies) to take benefits from personal data sharing through issuing PDATA tokens and managing data in the controlled and smart way.
It's really good idea. Thanks for review

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