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The years passes throgh, but only one remains unchanged, people's love for games and excitement. We love the game in all its manifestations. When we play or when others play, and we are sick for them. Now this is extremely relevant, in connection with the world championship, which is taking place right now. But often it happens that a person living in a metropolis can not spend much time playing in real life, and more and more immersed in virtual games on his smartphone. Moreover, the number of offers that can be found in marketplaces of known sites exceeds demand.

Every day there are hundreds of programs that try to compete with each other. But the client's psychology is this: i will use what is in the top. And how to get into the top? It is almost impossible to do this free of charge. The marketing company pawns 10-15 percent of the budget. It is from advertising that the success of the product depends of it promoting. If you do not promote your development, then the probability that it will be recognized and used will be reduced to 0.

Modern programmers begin to create their own programs with almost the minimum skills for development. There are enough programming languages, and each of them can find the right one for itself. Also freelancers offer their services to create any necessary content, and the cost of their services to a competitor is also low.

But no matter how interesting and promising is the developer's project, without proper advancement, it can not become popular.

To compete with well-known firms, it is necessary to create a competitive environment that will not only be interesting for young developers, but will also become a popular place for users who will be able to familiarize themselves with all offers in the segment of games for smartphones and tablets. At the same time, the cost of the provided programs will significantly decrease, due to the appearance of a "healthy" competition, which is pricing in this sector.

EON - a platform that will become the place of start of many programmers. Perhaps we will soon see revolutionary programs created with the help of tools that will be available to everyone within the ecosystem.

The task of EON developers is to offer all comers a convenient functionality and a simple interface that will not scare away, but rather attract more and more users.

After a short study of the tools, young programmers will be able to create programs that can compete with known applications. The platform is not only a marketplace, but also a place for communication between clients and developers. Such contact, unequivocally, promotes deeper cooperation.Developers are becoming more client-oriented. In online mode, they can get feedback and improve the product in the shortest possible time.

The software will not remain unnoticed. The platform will provide an opportunity to hold advertising campaigns and promote the product using the domestic currency.


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