ENVION Mining - this is the future... for crazy ENG/ITA

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Hi guys,
we speak again about cryptocurrency and mining.
Today i discovered another type of mining:


This is a crazy idea....

A company called ENVION created a Mining Contanier. This is like a Rig concept and can be shipped directly to you.
So it become a plug and play container for mining and It works with solar panels. For this reason it give you Access to Cheap Energy.



whatch the video and tell me what to you think.


Ciao ragazzi,
parliamo ancora di criptovalute e di mining.
Oggi ho scoperto un'altra tipologia di mining.


L'idea è da pazzi....

Un'azienda chiamata ENVION ha creato i contanier per il mining. E' simile al concetto dei Rig e ti può essere spedito direttamente.
Diventa praticamente un container plug and play da utilizzare per il mining, basato su pannelli solari.
In questo modo il costo dell'energia elettrica è nettamente più economico.



Guardati il video e dimmi che ne pensi.

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Yes the idea seems great but I would be careful. Just check the bitcointalk forum on this one. Mining inside metal box, really a good idea? Maybe in Germany this works, but if they want to have cheap solar power, how is this gonna work out in the heat? Just dig deeper guys before you invest

doesn't need to work in the heat, they can put it indoors. Also in Canada it's cold for most of the year, can put it anywhere in Canada

Ok, but why use the container? Do you believe companies will let them put the MMU´s for free on their property? Or as heaters?