Results of Testnet Coordinated Strike #2 - What's Next?

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After releasing the information regarding the first coordinated stress-test, we announced a second strike was to come. The second strike has now concluded and the results have been processed. This will be a short announcement, as everything what had to be said regarding the testnet was already stated in our first update, which can be found here



During our first coordinated strike we simulated real-world environments (individual transactions with one output) through our test-tools. During the second strike, sendmany() commands were spammed across the network to try and simulate as much traffic as possible with the relatively small number of participants (around 100 out of 512+ registered). Many people also encountered wallet errors, ran out of funds or had other problems, yet we still managed to reach a 5x increase in transaction speeds compared to the previous strike, reaching 107 tps.

Please be aware that our new technology, including the new X-CITE wallet, is completely coded from scratch. Therefore, it will look and function completely different. This should resolve all the current issues we’re having with the wallets.

What’s Next?

In our next steps we will analyze and process the hardware specifications from the systems used for the nodes and their performance. Public github commits are also released regarding the X-CITE client (you can also follow them on our discord channel #github). As an official reply to address a concern some people have regarding the patent: we are not held back by the patent, there is plenty of development going on in the background ensuring that a high quality product can be delivered.

Last but not least, Borzalom is working on another testnet wallet containing extra code that requires testing. We plan to test the limits of the PoSign algorithm once more by adjusting the block parameters, with block sizes being increased to 50 MB and block times being reduced to a minimum of 6 seconds. Therefore, testnet #3 will be extended. Details for a coordinated effort will follow. The testnet block explorer and the respective transactions per second can be found here. Blocks with over 500 tps have already been registered, even though this wasn’t through an official coordinated stress-test.

As a general remark regarding which hardware specifications are best to produce high tps, it is a combination of the CPU, disk performance (SSD being obviously better than a HDD) and the chain acceptance speed. The wallet occasionally freezes due to the old chain, but will be improved with the upcoming testnet wallet.


Next Steps

We are aiming to have two additional Coordinated Strikes at different dates and times to accommodate for global time differences using the newest wallet (version 5), which can be found at the following link by Monday, February 5th.

Please download and test it beforehand to ensure smooth operation during the actual stress-test events, which are scheduled for:

February 7th @ 9PM Eastern Standard Time (For USA Participants)

February 8th @ 9PM GMT +0 (For EU Participants)

This will hopefully be the last test we do on Testnet #3 before we move to Zoltchain.


We would like to thank all the participants again for helping XTRABYTES with our testnet. The intel gathered from these testnets is invaluable in order to create a solid product.


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They are doing some awesome work on that platform, I hope they keep on track.

Good work

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