Join Us Tonight at 21:00 EST for a Coordinated Testnet Strike in the XTRABYTES Discord

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In order to prepare for the coordinated test, please see below to prepare your node/wallet for the test:

XBY TESTNET 3 Final Coordinated Strike FINAL 1.0.jpg

• Please ensure you have the latest testnet wallet, see below for your OS


• Ensure you have enough funds for spamming, we would like to set a minimum amount of 30,000 test XBY to be in your wallet. Post your address in #testnet if you need test XBY.

• Please ensure your wallet is not affected by bloat. If your wallet.dat is >20MB please delete your wallet.dat file, and request test XBY in #testnet . As long as you have a xcite.conf file with your key inside of it, you will still be hosting a testnet node.

• If you would like to participate in this testnet, but have not signed up please ask a moderator or technical support team member for a private key

• For the test, we will be using sendmany.

See this guide


We would like all participants ready a half hour prior to testing. Please message a team member if you have any questions.

Let’s make this the best coordinated testnet strike yet!

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