Introducing the Discord XBY Tipbot

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Post written by XTRABYTES Team Member nrocy

I’m relatively new to the team and have been working primarily on the XCITE UI. While chatting to @molton in the #developers channel he asked if anyone had any experience with tip bots.

The motivations behind creating the tipbot were to:

  • Make the discord more exciting for the community
  • Incentivize people to do good and help out since they might get a few XBY as a tip
  • Promote use of XBY as a micro-currency for communities
  • Potentially extensible for use on the Testnet to help send XBY around to testers without having to share addresses

This seems to work well for other communities so we figured let’s give it a shot.

What we did

The current XTRABYTES wallet/network is very similar to that of bitcoin so we were able to modify a dogecoin tipbot for use with XBY fairly easily. This gave us both a stable codebase to work from, and helped shortcut the development work.

How it works

  • The bot is linked to an instance of the community wallet
  • Any tips sent to you will automatically create an account on the wallet linked to your unique discord user id (you don’t have to do anything to start receiving tips)
  • Deposits and withdrawals are all handled 100% by the wallet


People can tip one another in the channel using /tipbot tip @user <amount>
You can private message with the bot to:

  • Request your current balance
  • Withdraw your balance to your XBY wallet
  • Request an address to ‘load up’ XBY that you can use to tip others.
  • Because tips are intra-wallet transfers, there is no 1 XBY network fee, you just pay that fee when you withdraw.

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We’ve been testing the tipbot internally to iron out the kinks over the past week or so
We’ll be starting a new channel to beta test with our Discord community.
The bot will be hooked up to a testnet wallet and we’ll ask people to try to break it so we can ensure it’s ready for use with the XTRABYTES network.

Future plans

Given enough interest and assuming no technical barriers, we’ll potentially extend this capability to the subreddit and telegram groups.

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