How to Make and Restore a Backup of Your XBY Wallet (Windows)​

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Creating backups is an essential part of securing your XBY

The best course of action is to create multiple backups, with at least one offline on a flash drive or a CD/DVD.

Backing up your wallet creates a copy of the wallet.dat file.

This wallet.dat file is needed to access the your coins on the XTRABYTES network.

Go to File Name Extensions.

In Windows 10 you can find it when you open a folder. Navigate to the top menu and click View

file extension.jpg

Making a backup​

Step 1

Run the wallet. Go to File and click Backup Wallet.


Step 2

Find a location and give the backup a name. Save it and move it to your preferred storage method.

Do not keep backups on the same computer that the wallet is on! That defeats the whole purpose.

Restoring a backup​

Navigate to the folder that stores the blockchain and data.

The default is ’C:\Users\your_windows_user_name\AppData\Roaming\xtrabytes’

Step 1

Locate your wallet backup.

Step 2

Copy the file into the directory where the blockchain data is.

Step 3

Rename the file to wallet.dat


Step 4

Run the wallet.
You now have access to your coins! Great job!

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