Focus Fire: DigiByte (part 3)

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The Twittersphere has spoken! After an intensely competitive poll that involved a tight race between excellent candidates, our Twitter community has selected DigiByte as the first project we will examine in our “Focus Fire” series.

In this series, we take time to really get to know a project and focus on different elements of what makes the project great. We hope it provides a better understanding of the technology and its vision to the larger cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

Today, in part 3 of our DigiByte series, we look at the community behind the project and focus on Jared Tate, the founder and creator of DigiByte.

It’s not easy to encapsulate the DigiByte community, boiling it down to a few words to give readers a clear picture. This is a project that is truly grassroots — no ICO, open-source software, no pre-mined coins set aside for an elite group of early holders, no top-down corporation that holds a large percentage of assets, no centralized company monopolizing hashing power, and so forth.

Despite this lack of centralization, a number of key leaders among the DigiByte community stand out from the crowd. Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte, is also its greatest advocate and has been unceasing in his passionate efforts to promote the lofty goal of global adoption of DigiByte’s technology.

Born and raised in a small town in Idaho, Tate worked with digital technology from a young age, learning computer programming and web design under the tutelage of his mother. But Tate did not focus solely on computers in his youth, being highly active as captain of both football and basketball school teams, and later investing considerable time earning his pilot’s license and in military...

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