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It’s amazing how we have many cryptocurrency exchange platforms but yet still the average trader finds a whole lot of problems when trading. Encrybit verifies the authenticity of this hypothesis by successfully conducting two online surveys. It turned out that traders were much concerned with the security aspect of exchange platforms. The issue of low trading volume and liquidity is one thing hindering most decentralized and unpopular exchanges. A Business friend of mine once told me “when considering an investment opportunity, you equally look its liquidity”. His statement can be related to trading in the sense that what will be the importance to trade a coin that it’s relatively difficult to enter or exit a trade. Trading fees on existing exchanges a way too high and as well withdrawal fee which is even worse for day traders.

Considering the concerns shown by trader through the surveys, the team behind Encrybit makes it a point to analyze these heartbreaking problems and to come up with comprehensive countermeasures to address them once and for all.

Encrybit – Let’s take a closer look

Encrybit is endowed with experienced technical experts and also backed by a reputable software development company. As such, their underlying model to address the security issues is one of a kind. They seek to employ multiple security layers and making use of a security-oriented software development methodology to ensure that data, system and network security is not compromised. Achieving this will enforce confidence and reliability on the side of users.

Another facet of the project we could throw more light on is the wide spectrum of useful and epic features that Encrybit is going to incorporate in their exchange platform. If we are to discuss them one after the other, time won’t permit us so we look at some of the captivating ones. You can simply call Encrybit a repository of amazing features. The platform will introduce copy trading as seen on Etoro.com, however, this is on a crypto exchange. This will allow for traders to share and copy strategies of other traders with the option to opt out at any time without restrictions. Traders will have access to a detailed order book to facilitate better analysis. With the News feature, traders can get timely news and social media from the coins they follow. There are other awesome features like crypto radar, coin comparison, chat and discussion, P/L reporting and many more.

The Encrybit token (ENCX) is an ERC20 based token deployed on the Ethereum network. The ENCX will serve as a mode of payment on the exchange. Traders can choose to pay their fee with the token for special discounts. Blockchain projects that seek to list their coin on Encrybit exchange will have to pay a portion of their listing fee in ENCX. The team has put in place strategic plans to buy back and burn tokens from circulation supply to make the coin valuable in due course. This will be a “win-win” for both Encrybit and ENCX token holders.

The future of Encrybit

Encrybit aims to be amongst the top crypto exchange platform by 2021 and this comes with a huge responsibility and persistent hard work. Within this short while, the team has shown a remarkable performance and are poised to surprise the entire crypto space. The exchange platform development will still continue by introducing functionalities as per the roadmap. On the other hand equally important objectives will also be attended to concurrently. Encrybit will secure strategic partnership, and undertake promotion, events, and marketing campaigns geared towards achieving its ultimate goal. Thus, being on top 10 by quarter two of 2021 which I think Encrybit has taken a bold step!

Private sale of the Encrybit token (ENCX) is underway. Visit Encrybit to participate and enjoy up to 40% bonus!

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