XPChain Report (2018/06/03)

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Whitepaper progress

The XPChain team is currently editing the whitepaper to make it contain more user-friendly content & design than a traditional whitepaper.
Since the XPChain team is planning on releasing the whitepaper in multiple languages, it takes a little bit longer to get everything ready.
The specs of XPC and ABPoS have been previously announced on announcements @ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ktB4M2W so please check that information in the meanwhile.

XPChain Development status update

After a technical announcement about ABPoS was provided by the XPChain Development team, they have completed replacing Bitcoind to XPChaind, change of block creation interval, and separation from bitcoin network.
The XPChain team will continue to announce developments and progress in the future.


EU has announced "EU general data protection rule" (GDPR) which took effect on May 25.
The XPChain team is currently making some changes and updating the Airdrop application procedure.
The XPChain team is glad that the GDPR announcement was made before the XPC Airdrop application procedure started and it is still possible to make the Airdrop procedure compatible with GDPR.
But throughout the process, changes need to be made and it will take quite some time. Please be patient while the XPChain team is working on this delicate matter.


The XPChain team is in contact with multiple exchanges. It is true that there are exchanges that are suspected of fraud, and the XPChain team is preparing to investigate the details carefully while contacting/dealing with exchanges.


Yes, rain function implementation is under test!
The XPChain team is testing bot to make sure it will be stable with rain function.

Please look forward to the announcement in the near future!

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