Brief summary of BLOCKCHAIN EXPO KOREA 2018

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

The Blockchain Expo was held at Busan International Terminal Exhibition & Convention Center (BPEX) from July 26 to 27, 2018. Many companies from Korea and Thailand participated and a lot of visitors came in for two days. Visitors to the XPChain booth expressed a lot of interest in Geolink and XPCheck.

On the second day, a short presentation time of 30 minutes was given from 11:30 to 12:00. Arnold(XPC-KR), Harao(XPC-JP) and Bitbender(XPC Advisor) made a wonderful presentation on the theme of “Blockchain sharing economy and community cryptocurrency XPChain”.

BitBender has posted an article about his amazing experience in Korea. Please take a look and you can feel how much excitement he felt at the BCEK2018 and meeting up with XPC-KR and JR team members!

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