Announcement for CCWallet-testnet & XPC-testnet Blockchain Explorer insight release

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▶️ CCWallet-testnet has been released. Discover at


❔ What is CCWallet?

CCWallet is a Discord wallet Bot.
Anyone who has a Discord account can use it, and everyone has an XPC address (testnet) automatically already assigned to them.

🔖 CCWallet-testnet commands that are compatible with PM:
!testchain balance Shows your balance.
!testchain deposit Shows your XPC address/Deposits XPC to your XPC address.
!testchain withdraw < XPC address > < amount > Sends a specified amount of XPC to an external address from your XPC address.

🔖 CCWallet-testnet commands that are NOT compatible with PM:
!testchain tip <@username> < amount > Tips a specified amount of XPC another user on Discord.
!testchain rain < amount > Sends XPC to users in the Discord server that are active at once.

<> is unnecessary for commands. Use a space in-between each word.

🌏 CCWallet-testnet is currently compatible with English, Japanese, and Korean. Explanation of emojis that appear at the bottom of each command:
⏳ = Processing command
✅ = Command has been processed
❎ = Command has failed
❓ = Command error
⚠️= Error (Something went wrong)
🚫 = Restricted

❗ This “CCWallet-testnet” Discord bot is for testing purposes only. You can not deposit XP to the address generated by the CCWallet-testnet. CCWallet-testnet is compatible with XPC coin(testnet) ONLY.

❗ Please note that CCWallet-testnet may shutdown without notice anytime due to unexpected issues. Please feel free to post inquires, questions, and comments related to the use of CCWallet-testnet on #testnet-help channel.

▶️ XPC-testnet Blockchain Explorer insight has been released:

❔ What is Insight?

Insight is a search engine (Blockchain Explorer) for blockchain information. You can check the confirmation of block generation statuses and XPC sending statuses of transactions. You can search balances for XPC addresses as well.

❗ This “Insight-testnet” (XPC-testnet Blockchain Explorer Insight) is for XPC-testnet only. Please feel free to post inquires, questions, and comments related to the use of Insight on #testnet-help channel.

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