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Marketcap: 386,850

  • Circulating supply: 600,000 (60% of total supply)

  • Total supply: 1,000,000

  • DeFi investing tools for institutional investors

  • Part of RenVM Development Committee (along with AirSwap, Defi Prime, Dune Analytics, etc)

  • MAMA partnership (Credit Suisse, UBS, Bitcoin Suisse, MakerDAO, Tezos, AAVE, etc.)

  • Joined StationF Incubation Program (Microsoft, Facebook, adidas, Ubisoft, iPEPS etc. partners)

  • Nexus Mutual will be used for insurance coverage of funds

  • Generated $330k in revenue last year alone with less employees

  • Tokenburn coming (a deflationary token), exact details TBA

  • 16 team members with 22 open positions to be filled

  • Aragon-based InsulaDAO coming, InsulaDAO will turn ISLA into a governance token

  • Collaborative works with Melon and CoTrader for decentralised funds

  • Offices in France & UK

  • Token usecase include governance token for InsulaDAO, rewards for users, clients pay for consultancy services in ISLA, and employees' salaries paid in ISLA

  • Cooperative "Halving", payment rate reduces by half (similar to BTC halving, as the team believes in ISLA token)

  • Working on more DeFi utility mechanisms with smart contracts

  • Defipulse listing coming

  • Equity fundraising coming through StationF (for further development of the project)

  • Payment rails mechanism in development (for REC-20 token and ISLA)


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