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A new Exchange called WCX is opening up shop soon and are offering 100 free coins just for signing up. The site claims that they have 10x lower fees than the other exchanges. Use the link below and spread the news.



You can actually earn crypto just by trading, here is the official announcement on the site:

"As a holder of WCX tokens, you're entitled to a portion of WCX's fee profit. Since WCX collects fees in all sorts of digital currencies, holding WCX tokens is equivalent to holding an income portfolio of diverse digital currencies.
20% of all fee revenue generated by WCX is automatically paid out to WCX token holders on a weekly basis, in amounts equivalent to each holder's share of the total amount of tokens.
WCX is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain."

Looks promising if they can pull this off.


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Let's check this on our we are signing up with your link. Feel free to follow us we just Upvoted this Post with 100% of our STEEM Power.

You can share your own unique link and earn even more coins, If you have a large enough network you can really cash in.


Thanks for your efforts, we are always waiting for your new

thanks man, just doing my part here on Steemit


Yeah, that's my thinking too. I am gonna spread the news around, this is an excellent idea. I hope they succeed

@idealist , @fyrstikken , @lexiconical what do you think about it? You know about it? Know about the owners? Does it remind you anything similar in the past?

Yeah, I am also interested what the big boys have to say about this. In the mean time...Free coins :)

My choice of names is more about perceived knowledge and experience than about SP count.

That's what I meant by big boys :)

New exchange irks me. How do you know that it's safe? Who are their partners?

WCX has a spotted past. They plagued by delays but are now claiming to open the exchange in March.
My advise is to be careful and not buy into it yet. Wait for the exchange to really open. A lot of people are claiming that this is a scam.

I had already heard about it. Thanks for the tip I will sign up right away.

Yeah, free coins never hurt anyone.... :)

Free coins is the positive point, what's the negative point?

They have to actually pull it off. If they can deliver what they promise, this will be a very interesting exchange. If not well....nothing lost

Always an excellent question to ask!!

Do they get your email that they will then spam?
Do they use this opportunity to sell you more of their currently worthless coins(tokens)?

Never had a problem with spam, I have a special email account for these kinds of thing and gmail handles spam quite well. So I am not worried about the spam. And I ain't buying until I see some proof that this baby is taking off. But for now I am holding some free coins and gonna wait to see what happens.

Free coins,great idea have got to join this.

Yeah, man. Spread the news and earn even more tokens.

New exchanges are always a good idea, keeps the traditional exchanges sharp!

Yeah, I really love the approach this exchange is taking with this WCX coin. I hope they can deliver.

Oh yes promise is one thing...if they get plenty support, who knows where they will end up :)

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

Thank you

upvoted and i will be joining !!!! this sounds really cool

Indeed, great initiative from this new exchange

How much is the worth of each token?

10 WCX ~ 1 USD at ICO

ooh, thanks, i'm looking to get some coins... ty, i'll check it out

Yes, and by sharing your own unique link you can get more coins

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