Introducing Myself to the Steemit Community

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago 

Hello All-

My name is Travis and I'm a father to two beautiful little kids, one girl and one boy. I also happen to be married to my best friend.

I'm a digital asset enthusiast, my favorite project being Ripple and xrp. I see xrp as the future and I just don't see how Ripple's progress and partnerships can be denied. Looking forward to a 2019 bull run!

Other interests of mine include sports (american football, basketball, baseball and golf), and trying to be active with any chance I get. Those chances are quite limited these days with two kids under two!

Looking forward to becoming a more active member of this growing community!

Talk soon,

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Hello xequalsthis, welcome to Partiko, an amazing community for crypto lovers! Here, you will find cool people to connect with, and interesting articles to read!

You can also earn Partiko Points by engaging with people and bringing new people in. And you can convert them into crypto! How cool is that!

Hopefully you will have a lot of fun using Partiko! And never hesitate to reach out to me when you have questions!

Creator of Partiko

Appreciate it! Looking forward to familiarizing myself with Partiko

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