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I would try to keep a balance of bitcoin and bitcoin cash - in that way if one of them are to be declared the "winner" you would have an equal position of each of them. It is indeed possible that there could be a flippenning - whether that happens remains to be seen it will take time. Keep in mind that the amount of people in the world in the cryptospace is around 1%...that's quite in many ways there's a lot of maturity and development to happen in this space over the next number of years.

Eos pops to mind with regards to your question about other ico's on my radar. It will be in ico distribution till late june, 2018. (it's doing a one of a kind distribution model for it's ICO). I think Eos has massive potential.

Steem On, and Best Regards

  • Omisego and Neo are good long term picks in my opinion

  • Consider skipping christmas this year and investing the money! Dare to play differently - xmas is mostly a consumer holiday anyway. (just throwing the idea out there...i mean no offense if your super religious about xmas or something.)

  • litecoin, ethereum and dash - i rekon will all do quite well

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Thank you for you response...Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I signed up for Steemit about a week before we invested into Cryptos so that has taken up a lot of my time...I am now going to try and concentrate, as much as I can, on discovering all of the wonderful people and things here on Steemit. Today I figured out how to reply to someones reply ;)
Thank you for your tips on Cryptos--it seems a lot less overwhelming now.... And, yes, we discussed skipping Christmas--our kids our old enough to learn that important lesson...we do have so much STUFF in the West, do we really need more? I'll keep Steemit informed on our journey, if we do go that route...
Thanks and feel free to check out my intro post that I finally got posted yesterday. Any pointers would be appreciated....