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Maybe you've heard the latest Bitcoin price and you feel like you've missed the Boat. Maybe you've heard the latest Ethereum price and you feel like you've missed the boat. These boats haven't even lifted the anchors. The market caps are steady growing. Most of the 'smart money' in the world has not yet entered the space.

There are 100's of crypto currencies beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum that are very worthy of your attention. In the next 2 years there will be 1000's of crypto currencies. This is a good thing. This is at your service convenience. This is great support for the whole world. Never has it been so easy for value to be transferred so instantaneously.

But How does this support equality in the world?
World Wide Democracy - Existing beyond the mercy and control of any one nation government. Unfortunately nation governments have a treacherous track record with managing wealth creation and support for it's populace. Crypto currency presents opportunity for anyone anywhere to join in and participate with any number of crypto currencies. Google "cryptocurrency faucets". This is a free drink..coin rewarded to you for clicking on the faucet. If you are technologically savvy, develop and create a crypto currency. All of the information is available. Everything is open source. This is a massive opportunity for people world wide to join in and participate in creating wealth distribution for the best benefit of all planet earth.

Peer to Peer Networking supports and sustains the movement of value throughout the entirety of the world. Decentralization of movements of value enable support to be given freely. This has tremendous network effect. This is changing the nature of world economics for the better.

Quality of Goods and Services
Inferiority will become less and less of a reality. A global education is happening for consumers: Every vote counts and all currencies are regarded. The best products will have the best currencies and consumers will be incentivized for making their best picks. This will have positive effects for the environment. The environment will be restored to best form and will be maintained to level of excellence. The best companies and businesses will be the ones connected to crypto currencies providing the best value and support. Note: crypto currencies are not in a competition per se, as there is room for all of them. Think Big. Out of the Box.

Common Sense will be more Common. Historically, quality of education has been suppressed....this will lessen over time as
information is less and less able to be suppressed, controlled and manipulated for nefarious purposes. Decentralization is key in the spread of information freely for everyone. Creative Collaboration is expanding at an ever increasing rate. It is easier to communicate with people throughout the world. Information, a universal library worth of data exists at our finger tips.

Life valued labor is the future regard for all Labor. It's ineffective to pay people inferior quality wages. It doesn't support best business success, nor does it support Workers having a dignified life. We are in a transition phase. How fast change takes place is a result of our individual creativity and ingenuity. It's never been easier to get involved with what interests you.

Start Participating:
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Send some to a friend or family member
Share what you've learned within someone
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This post is designed to plant seeds into our potential future.

Steem on, The Dream is Live.

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It also creates a leveling playing field when tocomes to government expenditure and how they generally rely on taxation of the common man. All that logic or there lack of, is thrown out the window when it comes to crypto and banks hate that

spot on observation. thanks for sharing that here:)
much appreciated!

Thank you, and you're welcome :)


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