Genesis mining Ethereum 2yr. Contract is back

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I am very excited to see that genesis mining is back with a 2 year Ethereum mining. And they put a max of 500 MH/s which is $18K and a minimum of 40MH/s for 1480$.

I guess the main question is, is it profitable?
For 500MH/s /$18,000, the coinwarz calculator says it will take 317 days to break even. And here is the earnings breakdown :


With the current ETH price and mining difficulty, this contract doesn't look profitable for me.
And the other question is how about buying ETH from the exchanges and keep it for two years?

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Thank you :)


I would say get eth or BTC
keep 33% in your wallet as it is ,
and get some ALT coin with the rest !
Then TRADE ! and get more and more money to invest each weeks ,... then each days ,,.... than go in vaccation haha