Missing Genesis Mining Payouts Again! What Now?

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago (edited)

No pay out for the 21st and 22nd due today!

Wonder what the next excuses are this time?



I don't even check mine anymore 😂 I've made over 2k this week on bitconnect ✊️Gm can keep their chump change payouts 😂

My payouts are shit now. Might write it off. It all goes in to steem so when it finishs its done. BCC is the way forward just hope it lasts!

I just checked gm same as you mike

No response on there twitter feed. My payouts are down to ariund 20USD per day now. Make more on BCC with less money invested!

It's a sick joke now gm dying imo

how did you make 2k on bitconnect great

Just from loans mate

Does mining really work

It's lame but bitcoin mining is still ok

Never have tried cloud mining, that sucks when your expected payouts don't get paid.

Yes it is! I trust GM tho so am sure it will be sorted out soon. 👍

Yes it will be, I think Genesis Mining is responsible enough.

I know dude!

What We should Need to do When it Sucks :D

Just wait till the sort it. They will its just time. I trust them!

I'll have a look . Thank you for the reminder .


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