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Cloak Coin is flying today! Out of the top 100 it is the one with the most percentage gain in the last few hours!

Up alomost 60% from todays trading. Trading @ $11 ish right now in Bittrex. The coin has traded as low as 4$ in early Aug. Cloak has a really low circulating coin supply, so based this on other coins with similar coin supply Cloak still has further potential! What are your thoughts 


What's the use case? All these coins being hyped with no real purpose.

This is kinda the norm now. What can a company do when they make these coins, and actually be differant. They all claim to be annonamous but what else. Nothing is probz the answer.

There is a New ICO every day now and half them I assume there Scams as can not trust many of them.

@williams858 had some I bought a while back at 9, but sold them now they we actually up 30%, bought golem instead,,, think Cloak is gonna drop back down a notch.
but it sure is an interesting coin. hope I didn't make a mistake by selling them
upvoted and followed you William :D

Thanks for your input mate! I havnt got any right now but i will be tracking it for the next couple of days. see how it takes of in the top one hundred.

If neo drops to 18$ again i will buy a fair amount this things, could of doubled your Bitcoin on the last sale day.

I hope Golam does you well although I think Eth would br a better pick at the current time.

Gold luck.

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probably in hype mode

Probz! But in the top 100 any thing is possible, BITTREX has really helped. See how it unfolds!

I not impressed yet. What so special of the coin? It basically anonymous coin . Pivx, dash and monero are more trustworthy. It is an old coin through but not much potential right now reminds me of earthcoin hype when it also was in top 100.

Yes point taken. They said that about pivx, its not going to go anywhere as its a replica of Dash. But now its climbing that ladder!

See how it goes in the next few months

Well pivx showed their development skills and decentralized voting cloakcoin has not showed anything special yet. Cloak coin is same age or older than Pivx

I thought bombing meant it was doing really bad. I was a bit confused at first.

It proberly does in another country haha! Here in the UK it can mean multiple things! I will change it to flying lol.

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