Nailed it!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Absolutely nailed it with this call two days ago. As much as I love ethereum I'm loving etc a little more right now... might wanna get off my ass and go take some profits now lol.

Not saying I'm a fan of TA.... but I'm kinda a fan of TA lol.

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The ETC jump has been insane.... i wonder what caused the pop up


two large chinese exchanges are adding ETC. I think it is btc38 and maybe BTCC. Might be wrong on which exchanges but definitely two large chinese exchanges made announcements within the last 5 days.


No idea, I follow a guy named Ryan lye on YouTube and he's been mentioning etc for a little while so I've been keeping an eye on it lately. I actively trade on TA and invest in FA so for this I have no idea what fundamentals changed or were added lol. Just saw the reload zone and the harmonic and thought the odds were in my favour so away I went.

Either way I'm quite happy right now lol

Haha Happy for you :P


Why thank you.

Ps that makes two of us ;-) lol