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I thought I'd share my long term STEEM targets using Elliott Wave Analysis. It has done well holding support for wave 4 in this triangle. So, we can expect a healthy 5th which should at least hit $5.36, or 1.236 extension of wave three (in log). Then we'll get a healthy degree wave 2. Most cryptos are actually showing next year to be very difficult for traders after a rally into this year maybe 1st Q next year. After that wave 2, the real fun begins, but I'll have to adjust all those targets based on where 2 lands. STEEMUSD.png

Ryan Wilday leads the Crypto Currency service on Elliott Wave Trader.


@wildtrader these are very optimistic expectations for the price of Steem. I hope you're right. I put together a weekly series called Crypto Nights. We're actually looking to get guests on. I'd love to have you on to discuss the price of Steem. Check out episode 9 which has just been uploaded and get back to me.

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I am happy to participate. May I recommend not limiting to STEEM? This is just a quick chart based on the method I learned on Elliott Wave Trader (before being brought on as staff). I'd rather talk about that method and we can certainly zero in on the STEEM chart within that context.

I keep charts on about 30 cryptos for my subscribers and will occasionally post out in public, but limit it so my subscribers get what they pay for.

Certainly! I referred to Steem as I was following on from your post. I'd love to hear more about EWA and how it can be applied to other currencies. Can you please email me at [email protected] and we can get a time and date arranged to set up a call!

Ive been trading with Ryan for abour about A year now. Have made a small fortune on many different cryptos.

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