Out of money? Don't worry pay with CONNECTIUS

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Whats up everybody WAJAHAT is here with another exciting blog on CONNECTIUS. Connectius is the blockchain as as service solution (BAAS) that can be incorporate easily in any existing e-commerce. It handles service requests, establishes a user rating system, the protection of the accounting records of all users, external platform API, facilitates payments and token transfer, accompanies deals with blockchain integration and provides third party arbitration. The basic purpose of the connectius is to help e-commerce store to save money that they have lose on fraud transactions. It guarantees to have less fraud for the e-commerce store and make more secure transactions for the consumers. To become more competitive inthe market, any e-commerce can reduce the costs of its goods or services by reducing the expenses on fraud for the consumer. In December, the beta version of this connectius is going to launch.

The model of connectius will create the universal discount system for all the e-commerce worldwide. The token of connectius will be very common that could be used everywhere. The connectius will be powered by this token. This token will be used for the purpose of exchange and makes the smart-contracts run. The price will be in United states dollar (USD) that would be fixed. This token can be paid either in US dollars or in tokens. The payment in the US dollars is an option that has been provided by an external existing crypto exchange service via a plug in or a widget. Tokens will be available on November 5, 2017 onwards. It released during the ICO: 31,000,000 tokens. There is a launch of the proof-of-concept e-commerce platform to sow the working process of connectius. In this marketplace, consumers will be able to identify the merchants, craftsmen, or any other specialists that can execute their routine job. The e-commerce application and the service provider are combined. It will help for better understanding of e-commerce needs and therefore develop the best solution for them. The payment of all deals will be processed by smart contracts.

The connectius risks includes the force majeure, ethereum network token storage, taxes, judicial risks, attacks during the initial offering, ecosystem, and company. The tasks and problems are the reduce of the overall impact of fraud, improve the efficiency of the current processing system, improve identity fraud tolerance, reduce operational expenses for fraud management, remove confidence issues, reduce the CAPEX for blockchain integration, help merchants keep their prices low, and push cryptocurrencies to be widely adopted. The promotion’s plans of token includes creation of a paid service provider account on connectius, the integration of the e-wallet into connectius, launch of the transitive token on connectius and the commencement of work on the search and matching processor for connectius core. In particular, the funds will be utilized in the Research, development, sales and marketing activities. The services provided by the connectius will includes an API for interaction with the platform, arbiter and oracle, search and matching algorithms, user account database, rating formation, interactive map and geo location data processing, support for token transfers, handling of service requests and payments. The ecosystem will generate revenue from the connectius services and by transaction fees.

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