Brace Yourself For Possible Crash If Bitcoin Doesn't Pass 4k, Don't Panic We Will Be Fine

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So I have wrote a couple of posts about being going pass 4.2k and how I am feeling the sentiment of bitcoin changing to positive. That being said we are far from out of the bear market. If we don't break the 4 line of resistance we might head back to 3k and we could even go below that.

Why am I telling you this? Because in case it happens I do not want anyone to panic. Just keep working on steemit and focus on making more coins. There is a lot of people who think we are going up from here so don't get disappointed if we see a big drop. This is a great time to keep accumulating. We will see what happens and I am positive we are heading up but I am preparing myself if we don't.

Just keep plugging away.



Here is something for people to think about.
if you have 1000 Steem and like the holiday period in 2017/18 when the value of steem jumped upwards of $7 in value. that is $7000 in your back pocket.
Its a just a matter of being patient and grind away until the market improves. who knows... the value of steem could potentially jump up to $20... thats $20'000 on the initial 1000 steam you have sitting in your wallet.

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True. The market is showing some weakness. Supporting the steem dapps are the best move. Let us bring more value to the steem ecosystem.

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Think long term, not short term. Buying at these prices is a bargain

For the 10 years old currency, The second and third months of the year were often frustrating ...I would not be surprised if I see big drop, but on the contrary I will be enthusiastic to accumulate ...I hope that these few months we live will be a prelude to being rich...
I am more than POSITIVE ;)

And obviously it seems the bull run won't just come yet, look we're crashing again really.

Just think guys. How much will you be kicking yourself that you didn't buy in at sub 4k? Just as a fun thought, imagine someone buying in at $0.97 and selling at 20k. Imagine putting $5 into that. Talk about GAINS.

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This is good advice. Market sentiment is changing overall but people can still be surprised. Hopefully not, but this could be a short-term recovery bounce. Anyways, we are also a decentralized blog platform. We would be honored if you could also post your content there. Keep up the good work. Cheers,

Bitcoin is made for long term. Words saying 'don't panic' are pretty obvious. BTW, I used the same photo of bear, few days ago.

Bitcoin just passed $4000 today, the market seem to be all positive about it. But thread lightly as we have seen in the historical charts, correction can come at any moment after a surge.

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