Crypto Rabbit Hole

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It was early 2009 when I first fell down the “rabbit hole”. That knawing gut feeling that something was just wrong. Get up, work to pay for a house that I barely got to enjoy, come home, sleep. That repeated cycle over and over. WTH! My now ex truly thought I was going nuts when I started collecting rainwater in barrels, beekeeping and starting a garden. I played it off by saying I had become a localvore or environmentally super conscious. And hell maybe I did lose a marble or two. But when he lost his job in mining and couldn’t even afford milk I had food set aside to give him. I look around at the religious people in my neighborhood; every one of them has a motorhome or trailer parked on the side of their house; always stocked for emergencies. Mind you, not even once have I seen any of these people actually use their trailers. Something is coming and I think anyone aware of their bodies can feel it too.
In 2014, I got my first bitboin account through coinbase; but never did anything with it!! Seriously kicking myself now but as a recently divorced mom I didn’t think I had the money to gamble with at the time. The empty blockchain sits next to the one with numbers behind the decimal points slowly climbing to reach the number one now in my account as a slap in the face reminder to listen to my gut. (The last mistake was looking into veritasium but couldn’t figure out how to work the account to actually purchase Vcoin.)
The advice I want to give to anyone who is even just thinking about the crypo world. For someone who is new to this crypto world Coinbase, Gemini and Kracken are fairly simple to walk through and figure out; unless you own a Mac then everything is more complicated. Buy a coin; or buy a fraction of a variety of coins and then forget about them. If you don’t have a lot of money to gamble and are fearful of losing your money in the dips then invest it in something like physical silver from APMEX or SDBullion where you can buy a coin for under $30 right now. There are even people who purchase whiskey or tobacco every paycheck to store in case of future monetary exchange use.
I hope I am wrong I really do. I hope that feeling of general unrest in my gut is just anxiety. But I can’t shake the feeling that the world we know is about to change in the blink of an eye (I don’t mean in that raptured religious sense) . I mean that if something severe happens in the economy at lease you will have something set aside to use as an alternate.

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Thans for the advice.

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