The STELLAR network has 1 million network accounts ○○○

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The open-source payments system, paid by the STELLAR community , was an essential step with the arrival of about 1,000,000 user accounts, which were revealed in a tweet published by OrbitLens on Monday, August 27.

STELLAR's success is steady

STELLAR is typically designed to distribute funding in three different ways at a time. It provides a common asset transfer similar to the Ethereum network, which enables it to host ICO operations, although it supports fewer programs. As well as the ability to facilitate trading between digital and paper currencies, making it one of the few options to host ICO operations, like Etherrium.

Unlike Ethereum, STELLAR offers very low fees for all transactions (0.00001 Lumens) and provides transaction speeds similar to those provided by the Ripple, making it one of the fastest payment systems in existence. STELLAR therefore competes favorably with both Atheros, Alto and Ripel, offering a high-speed payment system based on the digital currency and multi-asset transmission framework in a single package. For many investors, this functional relationship has made STELLAR one of the most exciting digital assets to invest in.

Unlike the RIBL, the STELLAR platform is open source and fully decentralized. The mix of central and decentralized worlds has been a resounding success, with STELLAR growing steadily from $ 0.003 when it was launched on 5 August 2014 to $ 0.22 on 28 August 2018. At that time, the market capitalization also grew from $ 772,596 to More than $ 4 billion due to its continued adoption.

Data from the StellarExpert Explorer show that the network achieved this new target on August 27, after rapidly growing to more than 200,000 accounts in January 2018.

A year of achievements for STELLAR

2018 was a very busy year for STELLAR, where it held a series of partnerships and achieved numerous listings, making it one of the most important digital assets for investors. In May, CCN reported that the Bitfinex platform incorporated the STELLAR coin. In the same month, IBM announced that it was considering building a digital currency on the STELLAR network. It was also reported that IBM supported the Stronghold, a stable digital currency supported by the United States dollar and based on the STELLAR framework.

In July, Coinbase revealed that it was exploring the possibility of including STELLAR in its trading services. STELLAR became the world's first Shari'a-compliant digital currency protocol in the same month, reinforcing its plans to partner with Islamic financial institutions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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