How to Trade in the Crypto Market Without the Risk of Losing Money...

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I January of 2017 I purchased some crypto currency and for the first few months I was bragging at work to my friends about how much my coin was going up in price, but then after about 3 months the price started to drop and it kept on dropping until I had lost most of my profits. Only to learn later that selling was another big mistake. I have learned since then, that most people seem to have similar experiences when they first get into the crypto space.

Well, that ain't no longer necessary, we've removed the guess work.
I am now hanging out with a different crowd. We now have access to data that has been generated by an algorithm, telling us what the top 40 coins in the crypto market are going to do regarding prices. This gives us a huge advantage for trading in the market. When the prices are going to go down or up, we know 2 to 3 weeks in advance. This gives us plenty of time to plan our moves to get in or out of the market as we need to.

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