WaykiChain Releases Project Overview For Its DPoS Based Public Chain

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On January 5, 2019, WaykiChain has released the English language project overview for its DPoS based public chain.

January 5, 2019 marks one year since WaykiChain was founded. Thus, WaykiChain has decided to release the newest English language project overview, which carries weighty significance for its global strategy on its 1-year anniversary. The project overview introduces:

  • What WaykiChain is
  • WaykiChain's Competitiveness
  • WaykiChain's milestones
  • WaykiChain's business model
  • WaykiChain's community
  • WaykiChain's core team
    The project overview acts as a remarkable window through which worldwide investors, developers and partners can learn more about WaykiChain. The WaykiChain Project Overview can be found here: https://www.waykichain.com/WaykiChain_Project_Overview_2019.1_V1.0.pdf

About WaykiChain
Established in Jan. 2017, WaykiChain is a 3rd generation public chain that utilizes a DPoS consensus mechanism. The blockchain can sustain transactional throughput above 1, 000 TPS in actual use. WaykiBet1.0, which was launched on WaykiChain on May 13, 2018, is the first ever prediction DApp based on a public chain with over 130,000 downloads; the DApp has now been updated to V2.5.
WaykiChian Milestones: http://www.waykichain.com/milestone.html

About Its Dapp- WaykiBet
While WaykiChain has a long-term goal of building a network of developers that provide innovative applications to the WaykiChain ecosystem, WaykiBet, for now, is the flagship application of WaykiChain and if fully leverages all that WaykiChain’s public chain has to offer.

WaykiBet is a leap forward in the online stage of prediction markets and the utility of blockchain technology. By leveraging the blockchain, WaykiBet provides users to make direct prediction stakes and earn instant payouts, and all the underlying process is handled by advanced smart contracts. There’s no room for human error and there’s no space for corruption as the interactions are recorded on a transparent and immutable ledger. Moreover, as these smart contracts provide an immutable record, no market participants—not even the market provider—can change the terms. WaykiChain aims to carry this application to the forefront of blockchain utility.

In closing
On May 13,2018 WaykiChain mainnet was officially launched, so developers and DApp operators are enabled to develop from the user-friendly template the team has published. WaykiChain aims to develop its underlying public chain technology into a large, decentralized ecosystem, so that numerous industries can build their own applications and services based on WaykiChain’s public chain.

Website: http://www.waykichain.com/
Official Telegram Group: https://wicc.me/pr4
For enquiries please contact: Linda - marketing@waykichainhk.com

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