How to Conduct Your Airdrop Using Waves

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How to Conduct Your Airdrop Using Waves

Waves is the best platform for carrying out airdrops — giving you a fast, low-cost and easy way to reach a large, new and crypto-savvy audience.

It couldn’t be easier to conduct your airdrop on Waves. Simply follow these simple steps:

How to Conduct Your Airdrop On Waves

Issue your token

Forget about smart contracts, complex programming, high fees or the possibility of things going very badly wrong. It takes less than a minute to create a new token on the Waves Platform, and you can do it right from the Client. Just open up the Token Launcher tab (left-hand menu bar in the Client —, fill in the form and issue your token for a cost of just 1 WAVES!

Submit your airdrop to

Want people to know more about it? Businesses that conduct airdrops typically want to get some details about their audience and potential new users, so you’ll need a way to spread awareness and sign up for your airdrop. That’s where AirdropWaves comes in. It’s a site that informs the community about current and upcoming airdrops, what the tokens are and how much they might be worth. You can register your airdrop on the site using the submission form.

Organise your airdrop — right from the Waves Client!

Sending your new token to thousands of different recipients is also fast, straightforward and low-cost. The MassTransfer function is a brilliant way of packaging many transactions together, meaning you don’t have to send them all one after the other — which comes with unnecessary costs and blockchain bloat.

You can include up to 100 recipients in each MassTransfer instruction, and you can use a CSV file to upload addresses and amounts. Find out more at

Why use Waves for airdrops?

There are several reasons why Waves is the best blockchain solution for airdrops:

  • It’s fast. Throughput capacity on Waves is an order of magnitude higher than most other blockchains. At 100 transactions per second, even the largest airdrops can be completed in a matter of minutes — with no delays or pending transactions left to clog the network.
  • It’s easy. Using MassTransfer right from the Waves Client makes it as straightforward as it could possibly be to distribute your token to thousands of accounts.
  • It’s cheap. MassTransfer costs just 0.001 WAVES plus 0.0005 WAVES per recipient, meaning you can distribute tokens to 1,000 addresses for less than $3. That’s right: it’s over one hundred times cheaper than an airdrop on Ethereum.

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Hi , am from China, your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
is that possible ?
Thank you so much for your sharing.


Hello, @dragonplan! Thank you for your interest in Waves Platform. Could you, please contact our responsible for China region person @anastasiawaves via Telegram or join our Waves China WeChat China.jpg to discuss further collaboration details?

Best wishes,
Waves Community manager.


thanks so much for the reply, i will when it's needed.


Greetings, sure. You're always welcome.

Kind regards,
Waves Community manager.

Waves should be more popular than it already is being quite underrated and undervalued. So many new developments and a very fast blockchain platform, people will take notice sooner or later.

More than 90% of the airdrops are fake, head over to for participating in airdrops.