Creator Of Scala Language Joins Waves Team

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Right now here at Waves we’re busy developing smart contracts. With great power comes great responsibility, so that is why we’re welcoming Martin Odersky — one of the foremost global specialists in programming languages! Among his many achievements is the creation of the Scala language that our platform is built on.

Starting his first day as a member of our team, Martin gave a speech about his experience of creating powerful and secure programming languages.

Time for a joke
Martin jokes about type assignment rules… and about monads a bit

Inspired by Martin’s speech, we decided to create the fork Dotty, focused on smart contracts. We’re so psyched! There’s so much work, pizza and energy drinks ahead! Dear friends, be patient and just believe in us. We won’t fail you!

God bless Waves and smart contracts!

P.S.: Calm down, guys, it's a joke :) But we are doing our best to deliver Smart Contracts to testnet in April. SC on mainnet will be available right after it's tested. Stay tuned!


Scala? sounds like scalable, i hope it is, to help etherium to their traffic issues.

It was a pleasure to hear about scala and waves!

I don't know who are in the picture but this is Martin Odesky:

I am lucky because he was my professor in Functionnal programming hey hey 😋
He is a professor at EPFL university in Switzerland where he is also employed asa researcher. Besides there are no traces of this partnership on his tweeter account. Have you got some proof ?

Ah, I see. I didn't realize that was a joke. Thanks for clearing that up.

I also think it's a joke ^^

Good1 iam still HODL a WAVES^^

interesting project keep grabbing this kind of thing I love

Very interesting post I think that the language is very important on the web thanks for sharing so good content with us, my friend will be following your post greetings and success

its an april fools prank.
Hey some fresh TA suggesting that there's not gonna be FUD anymore either

All beautiful big thumbs up and a resteem from my side for @wavesplatform. Cheers.....

Good business...
We are waiting to see and feel the benefits ...

Waves is one of my invest in crypto

Nice one @wavesplatform... I was like wtf? until I saw the tag april1 :-D

is this really 1st april joke? :D

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This part is so good, it's so informative.

This would have been insane.

Hi @wavesplatform
Excellent article. I subscribed to your blog. I will follow your news.
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Good luck to you!

I always believed in Waves. Think it will be here for long. Looking forward for some great technical news from the team.

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very interesting

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Oh...just joking

awesome been seeing a lot of cc's launching on waves

Scala + Waves!? Bravo Bravo!

I believe in smart contracts and I think it would be an important key to the future of innovation. Keep it up guys!

Excelente publicación sera de gran ayuda por el habla de diferentes ciudades, siempre estoy al tanto de sus post, usando traductor para poder conocer y leer lo que cada uno publica, gracias por compartir un post tan interesante, espero tenga segunda parte o muchas mas.

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