NEO/BTC in Falling Wedge.

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago

NEO reached 94% correction and bounced upwards slightly.
Best buy-in are:

  1. Bottom line of this formation.
  2. Upper line brekout.
  3. 94.10 Fibonacci level.
  4. All Time Low at 0.001850 BTC

Always play with stop-loss as false breakouts are occurring often in bearish market.



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NEO/BTC is now 0.002646 BTC on Binance

And NEO didn't penetrate the bottom support line, so far.

20.00 h 08.24.2018

looks good! ;O)

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Always play with stop-loss as false breakouts are occuring often in bearish market.
It should be occurring instead of occuring.


Fixed already. Thx!