Disaster , Electricity and Cryptocurrencies (what are your thoughts about the subject?)

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By the World Bank data at the moment 85% of the world population has access to the Electricity. This is about 15% of those who still in 2018 don't
From the same source literacy rate at the moment in the World is about 86.2 %.

Access to the internet:
Africa 32%
Asia 47.4 %
Europe 84.6%
Latin America 65.1%
Middle East 57.8%
North America 95%
Oceania Australia 68.3%

What about the internet speed by the statistic in Africa let's say. I didn't try to find any statistic but I think you can guess that it is less than in North America for sure.

Internet literacy? What is the percentage of the world population able to use internet technologies on the average level?

How do you block-chain in this world and use electronic currencies ?

What about the unexpected events? For example longer disruption in the electricity supply ??
What are your thoughts about this?






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