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RE: BREAKING: The Biggest Canadian Coin Exchange - QuadrigaCX -- loses 67,000 $ETH !! Due to Coding Error - Funds Locked in an Executable Contract Now!

So you're saying, they are adopting the Steemit model and locking in value? Sounds to me like just another reason to be long on ETH.


A coding error locked it up.

You sure it wasn't a human error? I thought code was law?

Do you know what happened to split ETH into ETC???

If not, look that fork up!!!

I know about the fork. I am joking around but it doesn't change the fact that, people losing coin, having coin locked up, burning them, isn't going to change the fact that it benefits investors so long as ETH presents options for companies to avoid litigation fees and have self executable contracts in the eventual future and companies piggybacking on the blockchain and creating mobile apps. I admit I haven't looked too far into the news on this, when you say it was a coding error though from what I understand it has to be a human error in the coding considering that with ETH the two human parties supposedly can put in standards to bypass the what...they just didn't do that correctly?

Human error.

SUMMARY: ETH is still a legit investment.

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