The Official Visio/InVisio White Paper

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InVisio ICO – Visio Complementary Platform

Due to growing regulation from world governments and banks, we predict that there is going to be no future for open cryptocurrencies created FOR the people. We believe due to the growing regulations, only traceable transactions will most likely be accepted by official exchanges and failure to produce evidence of the source of funds will result in blacklisting of the address or a similar type of penalty.

Government control is going to get worse down the road, especially with the fast approaching inevitability of a cashless society and the ongoing slavery of the shared economy we are all apart of. We believe that everyone has a right to privacy, so we have decided that we need to further improve the Visio platform by giving it a privacy-focused Schrödinger-friendly sibling – ‘InVisio’.

A Breakdown of the Coming InVisio ICO Scheduled Next Month

Total Invisio Coin Supply: 100m InVisios
Planned Development Budget: 30-35m InVisios
Visio Holders: 15-20m InVisios – free airdrop based on snapshots from block 380k until platform release (weighted average)
Presale: 20m InVisios – private offers, current holders will be preferred

InVisio ICO will begin on 1st November 2017 and will last until INVISIO Alpha release or until sellout 30m InVisios – whichever comes first.

ICO prices will start at $2 and will grow to $4 during the first 2 weeks. From there the unit price will grow until the end of our InVisio ICO phase (approx. 10-25% weekly).

Unsold coins will not be burned but used for future financing with the commitment that there will be no batch selling (only slow continuous flow if necessary, and never under 150% of the initial ICO price).

NOTE: There is possibility to buy InVisio coins before the ICO starts that comes with a huge discount which will be in range of 25-75%. This is so real supporters of the Visio - InVisio project will be able to buy InVisio from $0.5 - if there ends up being a higher demand in presales than we originally anticipated. Then the maximum amount of InVisio for a single user (binded to one Visio address) will be restricted. So if we sell 5 million InVisios in presale, the maximum amount will be set to 1 million InVisios per user. If sales reach 15 million then maximum amount will be lowered to 100k invisio per user - except within the last 3 days before ICO starts, then there will be no limit again. The first 1 million InVisio in presale, there will be a special price of $0.25 per InVisio offered. Users who are interested in this offer send a DM to user @ invisio on our official Slack ( Any unsold InVisio will be offered during the ICO.

InVisio tokens will be sent to users after the ICO ends. Inflation, rewards and interests will be the same as for Visio, because Visio and InVisio are two parts of one whole. Details about POW/POS and other algos are given below, but these will be variable due to ongoing research that is taking place in order to enable best possible functionality.

Funding will be possible via BTC / ETH / Monero / Dash and possibly other privacy-focused coins, e.g. PIVX, ZCASH and clones etc.

We also welcome your opinions because we need select only few coins not try to be an exchange :)

InVisio – TOP Anonymous Platform

Anonymized transactions – Anonymization – Anonymized currency

InVisio is another major step for the Visio platform. It is a fully independent complementary part of the Visio platform, which is created with the purpose of introducing the possibilities of anonymized platforms into Visio. Our opinion is that the internet should always remain a free environment, and any third party regulations (whether from the EU, USA or e.g. China) do not belong here. This is why InVisio has been designed for maximum anonymity and safety. Moreover, our platform is intentionally built to be as difficult to regulate as possible. If a Visio user feels threatened, they can use InVisio, which guarantees greater safety. InVisio itself will not regulate its users’ activities – we assume that it will be used for the purposes of self-protection, protection of family, etc.

Just like with the Visio platform, regulation takes place at the level of users. Independent media can publish articles which would not be allowed on other platforms (e.g. Facebook). The content will be published automatically until the community decides to ban it. The basic idea is very clear – InVisio is made by the community for the community and it is up to the community, not the institutions, to make decisions and moderate the content.

Based on the users’ decisions, a self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) will be created, and it will help control the content. If, for instance, a user uploads inappropriate content (banned by the community) three times in a row, the AI will notify that user automatically. If the user continues with their inappropriate activities, they will incur a fine, etc. Eventually, the user may be completely banned.

Private digital money has to be safeguarded against computer progress, but it also has to be resistant to classical attacks. These may one day include quantum attacks as well. InVisio will therefore provide quantum-resistant signatures and encryption to its users. The scheme of the signature will be expanded and more than one valid OTS will be incorporated into it in connection with the certification trees.
Connection Between Visio and InVisio

Both parts of the platform will work in coordination. Visio focuses on verified and transparent transactions, and if the users at some point need anonymity, they have the option to use InVisio.

Each part can use the other one, e.g. if InVisio needs to give someone a proof of identity and make a transparent transaction, it will have the option to do so (by using Visio), and if Visio needs to be anonymous, it will use InVisio. In the future we will start using high-speed, quantum-resistant blockchain for high-level security.

InVisio will not have the option to send transparent transactions – for such transactions it will be necessary to use Visio.

A holder of Visios will receive an appropriate proportion of InVisios.

As for coin division, we are still looking for an optimal solution. It will be specified in our Slack and will be discussed with the community.

InVisio Functions

AI – Self-learning AI, which will assist with content control. For instance if a user uploads inappropriate content (banned by the community) three times in a row, it will notify that user automatically. If the user continues with their inappropriate activities, they will incur a fine. Eventually, the user may be completely banned. For the future, we are planning self-learning AIs, which will help with content control, verification, approval process, payments, etc.

Vouchers/tokens – Vouchers are special tokens that make it possible to reward users for their content (content dividends). This is one of the differences in comparison with regular coins. Tokens are exchangeable for Visios / InVisios – by calling on a specific function or by temporal or fixed limitation.
The tokens also function as protection against ICO hacking. Each token that is created is protected by a guarantee of coins, so if their price drops or if there is a misuse attempt, the token can be revoked and the user will receive its respective coin value.

A user wants an ICO and pledges e.g. 10 000 Visio coins. Until the token validity period expires, he secures the ICO with his coins and cannot trade them. In the event of a fraud, the community can prohibit the withdrawal of the ICO – if a sufficient number of users decide that they want their money back, the token is revoked and the holders will receive the respective part of its coin value.

Proof of work – We do not intend to give out rewards for ‘mining for mining’ (as in staking) – we only pay rewards for work. An example could be the use of the miners’ computing capacity for teaching the AI. According to the result (speed of learning), the miner receives a reward. Or when ‘mining calculations’ will be used for improving security of network or so. Other rewards can be given e.g. for adding content etc.

Smart contract – Smart contract will be based on Oracles. The contract itself is also signed as content and if it is validated, it can be offered as a smart contract that can be executed e.g. at the user’s end.

Master nodes – Master nodes will change into Oracles and they will contain verified DAPPS (will require HDD, rank/karma, money, etc.). The exact conditions will be specified later, but we also plan to create an identity node and payment node in order to make it possible for trustworthy small investors to earn a profit from node operations.

Oracles – Oracles secure a decentralized consensus and validation of real data. This is actually a smart contract, which will be dealing with community approval – it will be checking new content, users’ reactions etc., and will allocate rewards or tokens accordingly. At the same time, the Oracles can gain information from the real world for further processing. Apart from live streaming or temperature measurements, these may include e.g. sports betting (receiving sports results). This creates interconnection of the real world with the crypto world. We will later equip the Oracles with AI, so they will be able to develop themselves.

Atomic/string swaps – These require multi-phase transactions and interoperability of both blockchains (one will be performing confirmation in the other, etc.). The connection will be made through small, rapid sidechains.

Easy DAPPS – Thanks to the application itself, the functions of the platform can be further expanded – e.g. in connection with encrypted messaging service, anonymous services, anonymous vouchers or anonymous ICOs supervised by the community. Again, the control over the applications is fully in the hands of the users and not governments, since all non-anonymous and “clean” users (as evaluated by their karma and rank) can voice their opinion on a particular service, even if it’s anonymous. This ensures greater transparency and user protection.

Easy DAPPS will be based on tokens with similar functionality as Ethereum. However, our comparative advantage lies in the addition of verified/supported sidechains using master nodes / Oracles. Each sidechain is provided for a fee, which will be used not only for further development using core developers, but also for the financial rewards for master node / oracle operators. This is similar to mobile service plans – users have the option to use a monthly plan or a prepaid plan, in which scenario the DAPP will stop working when you run out of funds.

Usage of the InVisio platform will be available only to Visio users who meet certain criteria such as rank, karma and safety requirements (i2p connection etc.).

Q&A from the Development Team to Users

What algorithm will be used for the POW mining on InVisio and will mining be open to the public via mining pools?

POW mining will be enabled from the start for some time until it is switched to ‘proof-of-learning-support’, but with small rewards, and it will be used to increase network security till the ‘final’ tech has been sufficiently tested.

We have not selected the final encryption tech so far, because the research has not yet been finished. For instance NTRU and/or McEliece seem ok for early stages, but we may decide to change or improve them later.

Will the AI system be regularly spot-checked for issues and managed by the development team in case of content management mistakes or will there be a system for banned or flagged users to appeal to AI management if they feel it made a mistake?

AI will have privileges above users and the community will have privileges above the AI. A security mechanism will be implemented to ‘force stop’ each AI (smart contract-based) and there will also be a ‘rescue stop’ option on the dev side, at least for some time.

What use case within InVIsio will smart contracts provide for content creators and/or users of InVisio?

Encrypted anonymous ICOs / in group private funding / support and community based dependent micropayments, custom services and applications etc.

How much will masternodes cost? Will masternode holders have to host through InVisio tokens or Visio?

With Visio/Invisio there will be many optional masternodes (MN) choices with different functions and specifications, but the price of the masternode/oracle is not the only criteria owners must face. MN operators will also need to have some rank and karma etc. Visio and InVisio chains will support each other and the same applies to the nodes. More info will be announced when masternodes start to be deployed.

1. STANDARD MASTERNODES: This option is what most crypto users are used to. This will run like a standard masternode such as Dash, PIVX, etc. Users will need 250k Visios to run this node and each node will need to be bound with the ‘general user Visio address’, the main address you have and use. (We may implement a ‘MN per user’ restriction in the future if needed.)

2. IPFS CONTENT MASTERNODES: This masternode will provide space for platform content, i.e. it will be the data center-like hub of our platform. Users will need 250k Visios to run this node just like with the STANDARD MASTERNODE, but additionally you will need 100-250 TB of space to be able to run this masternode. This node will run in ‘cluster’ with encrypted content, so masternode owners will not have complete responsibility for the data stored on their system.

3. RANK-N-KARMA MASTERNODES: A very unique offering by our developer is the Rank and Karma Masternode option. This will be based on the user’s rank and karma, encouraging users to rise in the ranks by building and helping the community. This should act as an incentive for a very rich environment for the users to grow along with Visio. There will be a limited amount of these masternodes – the maximum will be 1% of the users, maybe even less.

4. HASHRATE MASTERNODES: After the transition to the new chain, there will be another POW phase to secure the new chain created by INVISIO. The rewards will be low and will be halved very fast, so for the ‘maintenance of hashrate' there will be this type of masternode. Here, your collateral will be a continuous minimal hashrate, which will not be rewarded for mining (with profit), but node will be rewarded in the same manner as other kind of masternodes.

5. BLUR MASTERNODES: (working title): This final masternode type is not going to be open to the public anytime soon (most likely in about one year, after further development). The concept for this type of node is to run many ‘servers’ with different IPs to secure both chains using a network of ‘distributed VPN’.

We are also working on ‘forced instant debit payment’ and ‘clued binding’ on other chains. Our tokens which will be used for craft funding, affiliate services etc. are not a ‘payment service’ but a ‘service’ in the general sense. They will contain not only value but also functionality – like simple smart contracts.

Our devs have also started working on services which will be deployed after the platform has been sufficiently tested. These include distributed services from different areas, e.g. distributed manufacturing, ‘Uber-like’ services etc. More details will be announced when the time is right.

That is the full break down of our White Paper concerning the upcoming ICO. For more info its advised for users to join our Slack and interact with our team. We are open to discussions with the community and with new members so feel free to voice your opinions with the Visio team anytime. You can join our Slack at the following link:

-The Visio Platform Team-

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