The Cure may be just closer than we ever thought!

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Ethic and finance are two words which we hardly ever see side by side. This rather disturbing reputation which finance has gained over the centuries might have come to an end sooner than most previously believed.

A blatant problem that has plagued cryptocurrencies since their inception is the huge amount of electricity their networks consume. By nature, these networks require participants to compute a Proof of Work to help secure transactions. However, these proofs of work most often have no intrinsic value. Curecoin presents itself as the solution to this problem.

A project called Curecoin working in partnership with Stanford University has created a coin built off the concept of using both CPUs/GPUs and ASIC Miners. One of the main ideas behind the project is to strongly reduce the large amount of computer power which is require to mine Bitcoin, hence reducing wastage quite drastically. A home computer would be able to mine the coin without facing such high energy bill. Performing a protein simulation requires a fraction of computer power which Bitcoin currently requires.

However, the best is still to come, Cure coin replaces the traditional calculations for protein folding, a task which is required to find the cure for diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer's. By mining Cure coin you don’t just save electricity but most importantly, you help scientists discovering the cure for those diseases.

The question is, how can this coin actually help scientists you might ask?

Well, throughout the mining process, your computer will be simulating protein behaviour and provide the date produced to Stanford University which will help scientific community to advance medicine.

The combination and partnership between Cure coin and medicine will perhaps be the beginning of a solution which humanity has been seeking for a very long time, we have heard of decentralised companies, service and finance. However, for the first time we are witnessing a decentralised cure.

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