Adding VME as Custom Token To Your MyEtherWallet Wallet

Step 1. Click on “Add Custom Token” on the right side of MyEtherWallet.


Step 2. Key in the following information:

Token Contract Address: 0xC343f099d3E41aA5C1b59470450e21E92E2d840b
Symbol: VME
Decimal: 18


Step 3. Click “Save”. Once you do that, your VME should now appear in your MyEtherWallet wallet. Click on “Show Tokens” to see all your token balances.


Feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you have any problems.


when you write down your token info,it wnt beautomatic like in metamask, you'll have to enter the symbol and 18 deg, it wont place by default after recieving the token adress. . i personnaly look at that page before doing my first EthLEnd loan. thanks