Introducing vDaf (Verasity Decentralized Application Framework)


The team at Verasity have an immense amount of collective industry experience in online video products and technologies. We have pooled that experience from Advertising, Content Acquisition, Commercial offerings, and Internet Video distribution to bring life to a vibrant Verasity ecosystem.

The first use of Verasity’s technology and infrastructure will be our own video sharing platform. The benefits of Verasity’s technology in this setting are clear; more revenue for creators, more ROI for advertisers, and most of all squarely placing control of the viewing experience in the hands of viewers. This application of our technology in our own video sharing platform is a large opportunity that can revolutionise a global industry, but we also have a clear view of the big picture. Revolutionising all online video/media.

As we build the blockchain infrastructure and architecture, we are designing the system from the ground up as modular decentralized components. Each of the components can be used separately or in conjunction with the others to not only power the Verasity-based service offerings, but we can also underpin any global commercial online video platform or OTT service. We understand to bring a sea change to the space, we need to solve these problems globally, across many commercial online video offerings.

Through vDaf (Verasity Decentralized Application Framework), Verasity provides the complete online video toolkit that enables both innovative start-ups to leverage our technology and blockchain but also enables existing global media businesses to streamline their operations and improve the experience for their customers.

The core components considerations for vDaf are as follows:

Commerce System: These are all the blockchain and surrounding functions that manage the commercial and transactional components of the blockchain.

  • Tokenomics

  • Fiscal policy mechanism

  • Monetary Policy mechanisms

  • Viewer and Verafier™ reward mechanisms

  • Global commercial transaction and billing infrastructure

Proof-of-View (PoV)™: These are all the blockchain and surrounding functions that allow us to determine if the user is valid, and place view information immutably on the blockchain.

  • Identity & Privacy Management

  • Bot detection, anti-fraud, eyes-on-glass logic

  • Advertising View metrics for the ledger

  • Content View metrics for the ledger

  • PoV metric interfaces for the Spark Marketplace

Spark Marketplace: These are all the blockchain / smart contract mechanisms that manage the VeraSparks and the Spark Marketplace.

  • VeraSpark smart contract revenue distribution management

  • Spark Marketplace Decentralized Exchange management

  • Channel Commercial Statistics

  • Channel VeraSpark Ratings Management

Verasity will not only solve the technical, architectural, and commercial aspects of the platform, we will also bring the regulatory structures, and operational know how to operate these infrastructure components for online video properties on a global scale.

Building the Verasity video sharing platform in a modular way that supports future vDaf adoption significantly increases the potential scale, growth and use of VERA as the next-generation platform for online video.

How To Buy VERA Tokens — Public Sale

Begins: May 21, 2018–3PM (UTC)
Ends: July 11, 2018–3PM (UTC)
Soft Cap: $4M (Passed)
Hard Cap: $25M
Token Price: See for current price — increases 1% each day
Minimum Participation: Around $100
Maximum Participation: N/A


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