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How often have you seen the pics and videos of the ‘winners’ in multi level marketing? All the smiling faces and thumbs up, accolades and applause…have you noticed it’s always the same people. Those at the ‘top’ of the game with all the loyal followers who think by following this person, they are going to get rich…

One would think by now that the general online public would have realized that if you are not one of these top people you are being set up to fail…

If you want to succeed when you join an MLM, you have to start recruiting people to join you and if you are lucky enough to find some, you have to make sure that they manage to recruit some people…who can recruit some people…who can recruit some people…who can recruit some people…who can recruit some people…because if that does not happen, the rot sets in from the bottom…because the last person to join is not making any money and cancels their membership.

Then the person above decides to also cancel because without the monthly auto-ship from that signup…there is no reason for staying either…and so it carries on.

By now the ‘top’ people have made a lot of money and they start looking around for the next best shiny thing to get the same people all excited again. Because they know it’s only a matter of time before they have very few people left to make them money with the business.

Even if you have found the Holy Grail of online businesses, you can spend a fortune advertising your link…doing solo ads advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. You might even get a fantastic opt in rate from your efforts…but no sign ups…Why? Because those that have seen the magnificent opportunity you are advertising, start searching among their usual ‘gurus’ to see who is in the business, because they believe they will succeed with them and not with you.

Even if they tell about the “forced matrix” that will guarantee you ‘spillover’. Believe me unless you are number 1 under the leader…you will be lucky to get anything and when you do…it will be those that do not work the business or recruit anyone, so they will never upgrade.

Frustrating…isn’t it?

So…what are your options as a person who is trying to make money online?

A. Set yourself up as a leader. Get a website, put your face out there so people start recognizing you. Start a blog, a fan page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…do a few Google hangouts with well-known ‘gurus’…start a series of emails offering “value” and find yourself a high-priced solo ad advertising “guru”.

Teach the people you recruit to become leaders too, so that there is nobody lagging without a ‘down-line’.

Ok, this could take a while to get you going of course but at least you will eventually be able to sit back and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle you have created for yourself.

Thing is…not everyone has the time to do this..It could take years…and most people need instant gratification.

After all if you had a few years to set yourself up as a leader and do the same for your down-line, you probably don’t really need the income. You just want a rock star lifestyle. Unfortunately the majority of people you are recruiting are desperate to replace the income they have lost due to unemployment, illness, lack of pension etc.

B. Find yourself a business that does not need you to recruit in order for you to be successful.

Now, there are hundreds of businesses online now that say…


But know that if you do not recruit your earnings will be so painfully slow that you will eventually wake up one morning to find that the usual 12 or 24 months has passed and the business is no more. Either that or you will need to put in a huge amount of money to base your earnings on. If you do this…make your money and get out.

It’s only a matter of time before they shut down, take the money and run.

Having said that there ARE some online businesses that allow you the freedom of never having to recruit a single person. There are a few “Gurus” that are now dedicated to helping their people emulate what they do to make money online.

I have the honour of knowing a few of these people and I am eternally grateful for having found out about them.

This is about one of them..he is brilliant, a professor of computer sciences, and a really down-to-earth person that is convinced that he will give everyone in his business an opportunity to make an excellent income online…and you know what…


I am very excited and I will update this blog with my journey to making a living online.


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I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey...


Thank you Liza :)

I will certainly keep my eye out for the next chapter in your journey!


Thank you Compumatrixer :) My journey will be in tandem with yours :)

Veedell, GREAT post and so much truth to it, so many of us have been bit by the MLM bug, holding on to hope that this one will work only to have to chase the next shiny object. Great thing is.........."NO MORE CHASING" "NO MORE DOWN LINES TO BUILD"
Looking forward to what's ahead with Compumatrix:)


Thank you Skip. Yes I hear you! I still feel ill watching people trying to promote these businesses, but no more building downlines is music to my ears! I am so excited about Compumatrix!

Vee you have hit the nail on head and called a spade a spade!! Great Post


I just love the sound of this Vee. Very well put and very true. The future is bright.


Always a pleasure to be with you in business boet.

boy did that resonate with me ... MLM ..never again ... been there , done that ...That is why I am very excited being part of Compumatrix !

I'm glad and grateful to be on this journey together with you and the other Compumatrixers.

I can't wait to hear the rest of this story!

I am looking forward to here about your journey keep it up

I believe him too! And I did all of those MLM things, very seldom broke even. Tried many things online, and the income was not enough to live on without a regular job. So yes, I am in something that has more potential than anything else ever has! good post

The future is bright! hang on it's coming fast!