and....WE ARE LIVE!!!

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Friday 2nd March 2018

WE ARE LIVE. This is our new home page! Is it not the most beautiful sight you have ever seen!

Well it is to me and to hundreds of #Compumatrix members that have been waiting for so long! The excitement overcomes everything else I am dealing with today!! It was so hard to 'take it slow' as instructed by our beloved Gail, but I forced myself. All I wanted to do was get inside to see those beautiful Virtual Prepaid Cards again!


I am in and the memories come flooding back! #Compumatrix is going to change the world for so many people!

THANK YOU to the man who made all this happen Henry James Banayat and his Board of Directors and Technical Staff!! You have made me and everyone else in #Compumatrix very, very happy today!

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we are indeed Live, Very great feeling to be part of something phenomenal in the making.A NEW ECOSYSTEM.

Alrighty!!! We are live and what a beautiful feeling it is. Thanks Henry and Staff. 😀😀

So looking forward to the days, weeks, months, and even years ahead with our Company!!

This is the greatest reward after patiently waiting for so long. The only phrase that comes to mind is “good things comes to those who wait.”

Wow!! We are live and what a great day it is!! What a great business we have here at Compumatrix. Come join us!!

It is indeed a very exciting time in the Compumatrix timeline!

"All I wanted to do was get inside to see those beautiful Virtual Prepaid Cards again!"... I felt exactly the same way... LOL


Yes, indeed!!!

I also am very thankful to Henry and to all the staff who have worked so hard to make this a reality. Am I excited???? Y E S!!!! Looking forward to beginning to work my new business.

Yes, a step futher to a wunderful life !

I thank you Veedell for getting me started in Compumatrix biz, with such an extraordinary loving and life changing man at the helm, realizing his vision and not wavering the slightest through the past 10 years plus. Henry is an inspiration to all humanity and so is his helping team he built around himself God Bless them all.

Step one under way. Awesome steps forward moving toward a full launch. Going to be super.

So looking forward to many things to come with this amazing company!!