The youth currently growing up with cryptocurrency will speed up the maturity process! My kids love PIVX!

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For many many people cryptocurrency is something that they can't wrap their head around. They don't understand why it has value and what you can do with it. To these people it's a bubble bound to explode sooner rather than later. They don't understand how cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology is already changing the world and will continue to do so in a very rapid pace.

Those folks are not the ones any of us cryptocurrency enthusiasts should target... It's the youth that we should target and educate to help speed up the maturity process. They are the ones who will jump onboard and actually use crypto the way it's intended to be used.

Our kids of 8 and 5 have heard me talk many many times about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology these past few months. For my kids cryptocurrency is something normal, they have their savings in crypto, they ask about it's value on a regular basis and they can't wait until they can one day really make use of it.

My kids have heard me talk about @pivx a lot in particular and they have seen the software many times as well. Thanks to a PIVX community member they actually hold their own PIV nowadays as well (shoutout to Rhubarbarian).

Today my son surprised me with something I found funny but mostly awesome. He actually wrote something (with the help of his older sister) about PIVX with these foam letters they play with in the shower! Take a look at this:


It translates to "Saúl loves PIVX".

There is new generation growing up to which cryptocurrency will probably be the go to monetary system. I hope the world is ready for them!

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Happy New Year! :)

Good topic @valderrama We wait for you like him

2018 is going to be the year of Crypto, so sit back, hold on and what ever you do don't let go.
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

Just the thought of this brings to mind so much potential. Great topic.

This is exactly what I have been thinking. I live in Malta, a small European country that has professed to be pro-Crypto.
I think there is scope here for making and then pitching to the Government a 6 x 1 hour long series of sessions of 'Introduction to Blockchain' that can then be taught in the schools to the kids (maybe at 9-12?). Something along the lines of Amanda B Johnsons 'DASH School' but with a PIVX hook. Helping Kids get wallets and giving them a small amount to play with...after all, it will be the kids that end up using this the most in their daily lives.
An idea that is now germinating within my mind...

PIVX already has the PIVX Class YouTube channel but perhaps it can indeed be brought down to an even lower level. Great thoughts!

Great sharing 👏👏
happy new year best wishes in 2018

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