Best CryptoCurrency Exchange - 2018 - (Overview)

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What's Up fellow Steemians,

Being Crypto Enthusiast, it is important to learn how to exchange your currencies like a BOSS and pay the lowest transaction fee and execute the whole process within a secure and friendly environment.

First of all we need to find out the best Exchange sites. There is a site that I have listed as TOP. There might some other sites that are probably better but this post is based on my own grading formula and I m not here to degrade any other company.


img source is one of the top leading platform I have seen. The wesbite is however new as compared to other exchange but they have grown fast and have made their place among top list within months.

The best thing I like is their user-friendly platform which is also well equipped. They have their own coin which has also performed well since it's launch.

The trading fee is quiet low, the trading volume is High which give another advantage of lowest spread to it's users. They support all the devices including ios and android. The multilingual support.

Some Pros are:

  1. 2 BTC daily withdrawal limit for unverified accounts.

  2. Additional Security Features.

  3. Using Binance coin to pay trading fees (-25%).

  4. User-Friendly Interface.

This type of exchange is best for new and advanced users/traders.

There are some other exchanges as well but this post is totally based on my personal view.

What is your favorite Exchange let me know in the comments below.

Note: This post is not sponsored

Thanks for Reading

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Check out Bibox too

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Bibox is also a leading exchange with lot of positive reviews. I will definitely try it in future

Thanks for the sharing of the cryptocurrency exchange

I try and use DEX's as much as I can to support the decentralization theme of Crypto. But as a cost to that, they tend to be slow and the UI is poor. I use Cryptobridge the most. It has a decent UI, daily volume is solid and altcoin friendly, but its still slow. For a centralized exchange, I like Cryptopia the best (responsiveness, good volume, and good UI).

my friend told me binance is good too, they ask me invest into it

thank you for your recommendation. how can we earn the binance coin ya? once join will slowly to earn it by the POS terms?

Nice article, would have been nice to get a comparison though. I am still using Kraken and i am very happy with it.

I think except on binance, there are more cryptocurrency exchanges that is more better.


Yes, I agree some of them is KuCoin. Actually Kucoin is doing a lot of partnerships right now one of the partnerships of them is Bumo. And they are having some cool gimmicks to give their users a prize for choosing them I've read it here

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There's a lot of great exchanges like KuCoin because they always have a good news to their users and rewards. Like this news, New project believed in the abilities of KuCoin exchange.