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RE: IOTA: First Cryptocurrency WITHOUT A Blockchain Launches, Jumps To 6th Highest Marketcap In 1 Day!

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

I think it has potential indeed – I am in there with a little bit – we will see what the ranking is saying after some weeks / months. The process of the bitfinex exchange launch was exciting today – the actual launch btw was 2015 but today the first Token Exchange on bitfinex – they devs behind sound experienced and good enough to make that a success – a bit more marketing is maybe required (but that is an issue a lot cryptos have / had lol)


Yes the token definitely had a great start, jumping to the 6th spot on the first day... I think there is some potential too since IOT is so unique. Let's see where this will go!

Yeah - I will report back :-)