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AppCoins (APPc) is a very undervalued coin and I think will be very big! Amazing team behind it. Founded in 2011, Aptoide is the first social Android App Store. From a summer internship project to over 200 million users, 4 Billion downloads and 1 Million Apps, Aptoide has been able to pin point what can be done to improve the App Economy. Enter AppCoins.

What is AppCoins?

AppCoins is a protocol for the App Economy created by the Aptoide App Store, and the first ICO serving 200 million users with the goal of creating a trustworthy economy without intermediaries. The current app economy has three main inefficiencies which are:

Lack of transparency or trust

Advertising inefficiency

Costly and inaccessible in-app purchases

Once real market cap is updated on cmc, and people start researching and seeing the value of this coin, I think it will boom.

Any opposing views or insight is welcome.

Good luck and always Do Your Research.


I have been researching APPC recently and came across your post. I agree the team is incredible, and this has been under the radar, snuck on to Binance and was a Top 10 volume coin. It's good to document, as at a $250m or so market cap, the probability is that this app developer ecosystem with 4.5B downloads is going to grow.

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