Vice Industry Token


The Vice Industry Token represents a profound change in the adult entertainment industry. It functions as two things; an adult entertainment platform where viewers can watch videos, and as a cryptocurrency where anybody who participates (in viewing, adding, or curating content) will get paid with VIT's proprietary cryptocurrency.

The original paradigm in adult entertainment was that people paid for the content they consumed; whether by subscription or pay-per-view. With "tube" websites becoming popular, there was a shift toward free-viewing. While free content was certainly desirable, wouldn't it be better if you could get paid for it, too?

Vice Industry Token is creating a breakthrough in the adult industry where everybody who accesses the platform will be rewarded. This includes producers, distributors, and more importantly... you as the viewer.

Backed by some of the top names in the adult entertainment world, Vice Industry Token will deliver you the content that you want to see, while enabling you to get paid just for watching it.

Vice Industry Tokens can be tradeable with other forms of crypto or fiat currency. This technology is poised to become the new standard for monetization and payment in the industry.

Adult entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry. Vice Industry Token is your opportunity to get a piece of it, and all you have to do is watch porn. It's that simple. Sit back and watch as we revolutionize adult entertainment. We look forward to you joining us!

Bounty Program Explanation

The rules of each bounty pool are different, the sizes of the pools are different, and points do not carry over from pool to pool. PLEASE READ ALL RULES CAREFULLY. We have updated some rules based on feedback from forum moderators and our community. We’ve also removed some rules that were being exploited by bounty participants to create a fairer campaign.

You may only register for each pool ONCE. We reserve the right to disqualify or withhold bounty payouts to any member we suspect of attempting to cheat or exploit any of the rules as written below. We also have zero tolerance for spam, cheating, or abuse.

We are offering our participants a total allocation of 1% from our overall token supply. The total number of tokens in circulation may vary (depending on the actual amount raised during Token Sale), but in any case 1% of tokens will still be designated to the bounty campaign.

Signature campaign: 30%
Steem Campaign: 15%
Translation Campaign: 15%
Facebook Campaign: 10%
Twitter Campaign: 10%
Reddit Campaign: 10%
Medium Campaign: 5%
Telegram Campaign: 5%

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