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With all the excitement around the NEO (formerly Antshares) gains lately, I thought it was time to add some new features to MyCoinBag.com, so while the Seahawks were tearing apart the Chargers, I pushed up my latest commits.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 9.29.08 PM.png

New Features

  • Added ranks based on current market price * available supply
  • Added line graphs tracking up to one month of price history
    • NOTE: The data doesn't go back that far on all coins yet... just give it time
  • Added a new computation based on average price for the past month

Minor Improvements / Bug fixes

  • Changed supply tracking to be based on "available" supply instead of "total"
  • Changed symbol of NEO from the prior "ANS" value to "NEO"
  • Changed symbol of Bitcoin Cash to "BCH"
    • CoinMarketCap had both BitConnect and Bitcoin Cash using the same symbol which resulted in 3 days of lost data for BitConnect

Here's how it's shaping up

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 9.48.00 PM.png

Things I hope to add soon

  • Improving performance... The Coins archive is admittedly slow right now (taking around 4-5 seconds to load), so I know some TLC is needed where I'm querying the database.
  • Ranks should be in in the "My Bag" view, but they aren't currently which is making the appearance of that view a bit awkward.

Happy to hear your comments about ways I can improve the site for you guys!


Awesomeness Brother - Nice Work!

Being able to keep tabs and follow/tract performance is perfect. I got to explore this more!


I appreciate the re-STEEM! I hope to keep adding to the site every couple weeks or so and also hope to keep it ad-free as long as my server can handle the traffic =). Bummed to hear you're wrapping up the up-voting service, but I get that you want to connect on a more personal level. That's the way it should be after all. Thanks!

Thinking, i am start from where... reading just...ll find out. thanks to every body.

What a great project. I'll have to dig deeper to fully get the goal of this site but this looks promising. You did that by your own?
Thanks for that!
Edit: wow you listed over 1000 different coins. This is crazy:) all those perform well?

Yep, just a dude with a Macbook over here... =) I'm pulling from the CoinMarketCap public API, so thankfully no, I didn't have to list all those coins myself! I've used CoinMarketCap for years, but it's not the best on mobile and I wanted to be able to know what my coins are worth, too. The main view at mycoinbag.com updates every 5 minutes.

Ah ok, but still it is an impressiv work.
I'm glad you share your hard work here.:)

nice post upvoted

Appreciate you checking it out!

i would be a pleasure for me if u see my blog

So you will pleasure yourself if I peruse your blog? How will you prove it?

Haha, I almost fell off my chair :))

Excellent. I like it :)

Thank you. Worried about privacy, could not find your policy in the website.

Fair enough. I will make a point to add that. The only thing I am storing is a reference to your Google Account ID (public record) and a decimal value of the number of each coin you add to your bag. I created the site because I was sick of a) an abundance of advertisements on similar sites and b) not knowing the value of my off-line holdings after I moved my coins off the exchanges.

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